ANYTHING CAN BE ACHIEVED with realistic expectations!

If you’re overthinking on how to stay focused while exercising and drive your “give-up” ideas away, then think again and see why you feel that way and how to overcome it!

Older people have a slower metabolism, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep fit and enjoy a healthy life with a good heart and lungs to help us keep sustained efforts.

Driven and rightfully motivated, anybody can lead a quality lifestyle so if you’re not the type that goes for a run with music, like others, you don’t need to worry; there are other ways of distracting your thoughts to more pleasant topics while exercising.

I decided to write about this because one of the latest *famous* excuse is “I don’t get those music things and the noise just doesn’t let me think…. or How do you not get bored when running alone?” I love my me time and not musical all the time, doing this type of exercise provides a great opportunity to let your mind wander around, think about the things you like and enjoy best. It can be a new TV show, a new holiday in the near future or a planned trip or simply what am I going to drink this evening, what smoothie will I make? And pretty much anything that comes to mind can be a distraction, and it happens most of the times without you even noticing but if you DO notice that you’re not “thinking” and bored, try a buddy walk or do a quick walk to the local shop so you have a specific purpose –Other than getting you fit!

It can be pretty challenging to stick to a discipline and go for walks or short runs every day, or every other day to keep fit, but you have to keep focus on the benefits it brings and all the small achievements you’ve done so far and take baby steps towards your goal.

Anything can be achieved with realistic expectations, a little motivation and distraction from negative thoughts has never been simpler with so many good books, shows, movies, recipes to try and plans to make.

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