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A personal trainer with the personal touch.

Hi, I’m Carolyn

I am a personal trainer, weight management practitioner, and holistic food coach – beyond the ordinary. I help women who are intimidated by the gym culture due to their age, size, or personal challenges because I was once there too. I was 30kg overweight, depressed, and peri-menopausal. I recognize the difference it makes to have a health coach who listens and makes an effort to understand you. 

That’s my approach with clients: I understand your needs, get to know you, and find solutions that can support your goals. Together, we build a program that is designed for your goals and lifestyle, providing you with crucial physical and emotional support every step of the way. 

Personal Training

Based on your unique needs and health goals, we craft a personalised plan that supports you, including strength training, flexibility, functional movements, balance, and cardio workouts.

Food Coaching

As a weight management practitioner and holistic food coach, we work together to create a meal plan that works for you, ensuring your health and happiness.

Private Studio Gym

Enjoy the peace and privacy of my private fitness studio, located on my two-acre property in Highland Park on the Gold Coast.

Marie says:

Carolyn has a down to earth approach. She is friendly and very patient. I am not the most coordinated person and she takes the time to ensure I do each exercise correctly without making me feel embarrassed or self-conscious.

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