Success Stories

Client photo: Rebecca
She Gets Results And We Had Some Good Laughs Along The Way

“It can be an intimidating task, selecting a personal trainer. Not only do you want to make sure you have the right person to help with your fitness and exercise routine, you also want to make sure you find someone who is perceptive and empathetic enough to ‘peel back the layers’ of your personality and know when you need that extra push, motivational word, supportive ear, or just a good old-fashioned kick up the backside!

Right after I had my first session with Carolyn, I knew I had found the right trainer for me. Carolyn assessed my short and long term goals, current level of fitness, weight and measurements, nutrition and diet, and tailored cardio and strength training programs that would enable me to achieve the results I was after. 

Carolyn has a wealth of information to impart on all aspects of fitness and nutrition, which gave me additional confidence in knowing that my time and money were being well spent with Carolyn.

Don’t get me wrong, Carolyn is a firm lady and she will make you sweat!  Just when you think you can’t possibly do any more reps, she’s got you doing another one! But she gets results and we had some good laughs along the way. 

Carolyn is a talented PT with warmth, personality and the drive to push you to be the best you can be.”

> Rebecca

Client photo: Anne-Maree
I Feel So Comfortable With The One-On-One Experience

“Before I started training with Carolyn I was feeling lost, lonely and unfit. Soon after I started training my moods improved and I had something to look forward to. I feel much healthier and I have a much better range of movement. 

I feel so comfortable with the one-on-one experience. I highly recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking to get fit and healthy and have fun at the same time.”

> Anne-Maree

Client photo: Noeleen
I Really Enjoy Not Being Surrounded By A Whole Lot Of People

“Before I started with Carolyn, I felt embarrassed about going to a gym and being around a lot of people who were training. I was also unfit, weak and sluggish. 

I soon felt more comfortable in the pleasant environment at Carolyn’s studio and more motivated to train within my limits. I have more energy, ease of movement and am enthusiastic about going to my PT sessions. 

Carolyn always checks in at the beginning of each session to see how I am feeling. She is encouraging, firm but caring and has a genuine desire for me to improve my strength and movement with a priority for good health and sustained wellbeing. 

I really enjoy not being surrounded by a lot of people. I am more confident in this private environment and love having the variety of equipment to work on without having to wait for someone else to finish on their machine. 

I recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking to improve strength, confidence, physical appearance and to improve their emotional wellbeing.”

> Noeleen

Client photo: Coral
I Truly Thank You, Carolyn

“After surviving Cancer in 2010, my health was suffering from all of the treatment and I needed help to get my health and strength back on track. A friend suggested I talk to Carolyn who strongly believed she would steer me back in the right direction. 

 Due to my health issues I have challenges losing weight but Carolyn has helped keep me focused and I have toned up and dropped a dress size. Carolyn has a positive personality and is first to give praise and push me to my limits. After each session I feel very happy with myself, knowing I have worked to my limitations. 

I truly thank you Carolyn.”

> Coral

Client photo: Roxanne
Carolyn And I Get On Really Well – She Has Been My PT For 10 Years

“When I started training with Carolyn I began to feel good within myself, motivated, and I started seeing some results. I specifically noticed more range of movement and body fat loss, which motivated me to keep going. 

Carolyn and I get on really well; she has been my PT for 10 years – She knows what I am capable of and she is good at pushing me to make sure I work hard to get the best results. 

If you are looking for a trainer you feel comfortable with and who is just as keen to reach your goals, then you’ve found the right place.”

> Roxanne

Client photo: Marlene
Carolyn’s Gentle Approach Helped Me Feel Livlier And Less Lazy

“Before I started training with Carolyn I felt bloated, stiff and overweight, but Carolyn’s gentle approach helped me feel livelier and not so lazy. 

I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking to gain strength and feel good about themselves.”

> Marlene

Client photo: Usha
My Body Shape Is Changing For The Better

“I am having great results with your program – I am doing 75% of what you suggested, plus two days at the gym and three days walking – My body shape is changing for the better! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

> Usha

Client photo: Marie
I Highly Recommend Carolyn

“I highly recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking to start their weight loss journey with a trainer who is kind, approachable and very knowledgeable about health and fitness and who will listen to their concerns and encourage them to work towards their goals.”

Carolyn has a down to earth approach, she is friendly and very patient. I am not the most coordinated person and she takes the time to ensure I do each exercise correctly without making me feel embarrassed or self-conscious. I now feel more confident in my training, I have more energy and my quality of sleep has improved. Carolyn’s studio is private where I feel comfortable and supportive, and I always look forward to our sessions.”

> Marie

I Highly Recommend Carolyn As A Personal Trainer – She Will Change Your Life

“When I met Carolyn, I had lost a lot of confidence in my appearance due to health issues and a marriage breakdown. She understood that my journey was delicate and urgent. Everything from that point was going to be tailored to my physical and nutritional needs. She helped me lose weight the way it’s supposed to be done – with diet and exercise. From day one she listened to me. We decided that my ultimate goal was to lose weight and get down to a size 12…and the result started happening within two weeks. After three months I had lost a dress size, but also gained strength, confidence and a friend. She was with me every step of the way.

I never knew what my session was going to be like from week to week – it was anything from cardio to strength to (gently) flipping ropes – just to name a few things I had to do. I always felt good and very accomplished when I was done. Along the way I learned a lot about myself and learned what my personal limits are, and after fitting into a dress for my work Christmas Party I learned that there are no reasons not to feel beautiful. I would highly recommend Carolyn as a PT – she will change your life!”

> Toiva

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