Your Post Workout Can Be Really Fun & Relaxing

After working out we need to make sure we prepare our body to cool down properly and get ready for the next activity without being tired and using this as an excuse to finish our day.

After a training session, the first urge is to jump into a cold shower and cool yourself off, but that is not exactly wise. What you do after working out is just as important as your workout to get the best results, and here’s why it’s not so wise to jump into a cold shower:

  • First of all, if you stop suddenly from a great training session, there’s the risk of a sudden drop in your blood pressure and your blood could gather in your legs, so in order to prevent this from happening, you should continue with an easy walk for 10-15 minutes after running, or some stretching out after cardio or strength training. We’ve actually provided some after workout stretching exercises in the past and I totally support this practice. This way you’ll relax all that tension from your workout, avoiding soreness the next day and help to expedite the healing process of muscles that start to break down from exercising. It is advisable that you alternate hot water with cold water during your shower to keep the blood flowing from one extreme to another, for muscle recovery and against the inflammation after your workout.
  • Also, you should not rush into drinking a lot of water after your workout. We know you’re dehydrated a lot, but drink small portions and allow your body to steady your heartbeat and get back to a normal rhythm, before filling the water gap in your body. In 15-30 minutes, after your workout, your body’s metabolic window will be open and that’s the perfect time to drink water and a protein shake as well, to rebuild your muscles. If a shake is not your preference, then another protein substitute will be fine, just make sure that the protein is substantial.
  • Having a full massage can also help, or rolling on a foam roller, under your legs, back and neck will do the trick as well if a massage is not for you. Don’t forget to rest well and eat well, if you want to keep healthy-looking and glowing.
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