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Feeling intimidated by the gym culture?

Are menopause symptoms driving you crazy?

Want to increase your fitness and wellbeing?

Tired of being tired and needing more energy?

Struggling to lose weight? Clothes don’t fit?

It’s your time to look & feel your best!


Welcome to your incredible new fitness program!  My name is Carolyn. I’m an experienced personal trainer, weight management practitioner, and fitness mentor who guides, encourages, coaches, and shapes my clients into empowering, healthy, strong women. Additionally, I also have a private fitness studio on my property, offering clients a quiet retreat to focus on their health goals without feeling intimidated.

No sales pitch. No obligations. No commitments.

I don’t believe in charging clients any money until you know in your heart that I’m the right fit for you. That’s why I offer a complimentary 45-minute personal training session.  Completely free, this initial session includes a 30-minute workout that serves as a guided discovery through the exercise equipment and machines at my non-intimidating, fully-equipped gym.

Before we begin your free session, we’ll talk about your precise fitness goals and everything you want to accomplish. From aesthetic fitness goals such as toning and shaping to your daily energy levels to lifestyle habits and medical issues, I want to understand exactly what you have in mind for your fitness and wellness. We’ll also discuss any underlying issues you may have so that your program is as safe as it is effective. My ultimate goal is to create a plan that you feel comfortable with and one that excites you.


Once I have an understanding of your current fitness levels and what you want to accomplish, we set realistic, structured goals. Then, we will also set a plan to keep you accountable throughout this journey, ensuring you stay motivated and continue to achieve your goals.

Equally important to your fitness goals is your nutrition advice, which I also provide as a weight management practitioner. Ultimately, exercise alone will not be enough to ensure success; that is why I take a holistic, full-body approach and consider every variable that affects your changing physiology. More importantly, it will help you look and feel your best, too!

Take the first step to transform your health & Happiness.

In our initial consultation, we will discover how we can work together, discussing the power of meal plans, strength training and more. In a discovery session, we’ll find the answers you need to chart your path to a healthier, more energised, and confident you! Contact me today to discover how you can achieve your health goals.

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