Me-No-Pause Guide (E-book)


  • Comprehensive guide for menopause
  • Includes Fitness program with photos
  • Includes Nutrition guidelines
  • Advice for handling emotions and moods during menopause


This book is a loving guide for women on how to prepare for, embrace and conquer menopause. This menopause guide tells it like it is and offers real help for women who are making the transition and suffering through the worst symptoms.

When Personal Trainer and author of this book, Carolyn, began menopause she was caught completely off-guard by all the symptoms – hot flushes, emotions running high, bloating and feeling generally quite yucky. Carolyn was shocked that doctor’s had nothing more to suggest than chemicals in a pill bottle which had terrible side-effects that were never disclosed.

So, Carolyn compiled all she learned into this easy-to-read, informative and life-changing book. This comprehensive guide covers everything from mood solutions to feeling more in control of your emotions, from nutrition to exercise advice, and a program which includes detailed descriptions of each exercise and photos of real women.



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