Why Saunas are so much more than a hot room

I absolutely LOVE saunas – they are super safe and make me feel amazing! The health benefits are fantastic!

#1 Stress Reduction.
Saunas are huge stress fighters; allowing us to de-stress, digest, rest and heal.

#2 Lower Your Stress Hormones
Stress reduction helps to lower stress hormones (cortisol). When cortisol is kept in balance, thyroid, insulin, DHEA, testosterone and estrogen are also kept in balance.

#3 Lose Weight
Saunas can help with weight loss – increasing the heart rate while lowering blood pressure and increasing oxygenation and metabolic rate.

#4 Improves Circulation
Saunas are great to improve circulation by increasing energy and stamina.

#5 Alleviate (some) Medical Conditions
Saunas can help with some medical conditions. Saunas have been known to be useful in alleviating symptoms associated with depression, autoimmune disease, chronic pain and fatigue.

#6 Flush Out Toxins
One of the ways the human body removes toxins from the body is through sweat. The intense heat sessions in the sauna, a lot of sweating can be experienced, which helps flushing toxins from the body in a great way.

#7 Makes your hair and skin look great.
What more could you want? The heat makes your skin look radiant and your hair healthy, in turn making you feel more confident in yourself.


During any sauna session, you should drink lots of water, as sweating can often result in a large amount of water loss. Without replacement, this can cause fatigue or disruption of normal heart rhythms. Sessions should be no longer than 15 minutes and no more than three per day. Saunas are not recommended for pregnant women or very young children, as well as those with low blood pressure, diabetes or cardiac problems. If you’re taking medication, you should consult your doctor first and furthermore, you should never stay in a sauna if you feel faint or nauseous.

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