Stretching Basics

Do not bounce Ease into a stretch. Stretch until you feel resistance; stop; hold the strength until you feel a slight ‘give’ and then gently ease a little deeper until … Read More

Walking Back to Happiness

USE THIS PROGRAM IF: You’re suffering from depression and undergoing a course of counselling and/or medication but are looking for natural ways of complementing your treatment You’re recovering from depression … Read More

The Power of Exercise

Not long after I turned 50, the onset of menopause changed my life. My hot flushes became intolerable; sometimes only getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I felt irritable … Read More

Health Benefits of Cycling

Everywhere you look, people are jumping on the cycling bandwagon. I love to cycle and it’s no surprise given the many health benefits associated with cycling. It’s one of the easiest … Read More

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